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Concrete pools are flexible with design, look fantastic and are highly weather-resistant.

At Sun City Pools, our qualified pool builders custom-design concrete pools for residential and commercial clients. The beauty of a concrete pool is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to shape and size. We work with you to create a design that's both eye-catching and complements your outdoor space.

A new concrete pool is perfect for the whole family. Kids play in it all day during the summer, while adults relax and cool off. It's a staple of the Australian lifestyle.

Ready to turn your outdoor space into a day of fun and laughter? Call us today at Sun City Pools for a free on-site inspection. Based in Townsville, we service clients from Ingham to Home Hill and every area in-between.

Building Process

Our custom concrete pools can be constructed in a variety shapes, sizes and colours to suit your unique requirements.

Our pool building process is as follows:
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1. First, we determine the size of your pool lineal meters. This is the waterline circumference which can be worked out by using a garden hose or piece of rope. Just run out a shape and size in your backyard that you are happy with, mark the rope and measure its length. This will give you the lineal metre measurement. Once you've determined an approximate size, call our team to arrange a free on-site inspection.

2. One of our qualified pool builders will arrive on-site and discuss your design ideas and requirements. We discuss your options and assess your property to determine ease of access for excavation machinery. We'll also discuss optional extras you may be interested in adding to your pool. For example: coping, rock ledges, underwater lighting, etc.

3. Upon completing the site inspection, we provide a detailed and itemised quote. The quote is valid for 30 days and allows you time to consider all your options. During this period, please do not hesitate to contact our team for any further information or to ask a question.

4. Now that you have chosen a Sun City Pool, we arrange all the documents and engineers' drawings and lodge your application with the council. This is all included in our price. Council approval takes approximately 7 days.

5. Construction time is estimated to run between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your inclusions. We keep you updated on our progress.

6. Once construction is completed, we provide a full site and pool clean. From there we explain how your pool's equipment operates and how to maintain the water chemistry.
After that, you and your family are ready to jump in and enjoy one of Australia's greatest pleasures. Our work doesn't stop there however. We also provide free water testing at our pool shop in Townsville, as well as stock a huge range of pool supplies and accessories to assist in keeping your pool crystal clear.

Speak to one of our expert pool technicians today for all your pool construction and maintenance needs.