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Sun City Pool's proudly offers fibreglass pools designed and built by Masterbuilt. As one of Australia's leading fibreglass pool manufacturers and designers, Masterbuilt understand the importance of delivering modern pool designs to compliment your home. Therefore, Masterbuilt Pools have developed what we believe to be the most aesthetically pleasing range of fibreglass pool designs in Australia today.

All our pools are manufactured to the highest possible standard and use only premium quality raw materials. With a 25 year structural warranty, our pool deisgns will not only enhance the appearance of your property, but will also provide a lifetime of enjoyment for the whole family.

The Versace has been designed for those compact areas with limited space available. It is ideally suited for a corner position maximizing the usable area. This elegant, formal pool comes in four sizes, 3.0m, 3.5m, 4.0m and 4.5m with an overall depth of 1.7m for the larger models and 1.4m for the two smaller pools. What a great way to entertain your friends and impress your family whilst achieving a formal elegance second to none. Chill out and relax in what is arguably one the best designed plunge pool/spa combinations available on the market today. The Versace will live up to its name, implying nothing but the best. Add value and prestige to your home, when you install this magnificently designed swimming pool/spa combination. Manufactured to the highest possible standards and incorporating the very best raw materials, this beautiful swimming pool range will give many years of enjoyment and pleasure for the whole family.

The Davinci is ideally suited for areas where a minimum of space is available. Suitable for small backyards or indoors, this beautiful fibreglass pool comes in four sizes, 3.5m, 4.5m, 5.5m and 6.5m in length, with an overall width of 2.5m. The pool features wide formal entry steps at the shallow end, sloping to a full width spa bench at the deep end, allowing for easy access and generous seating. The Davinci is available in a large range of beautiful shimmer colours, giving an exceptional colour experience to the entire interior.

Whether you and your family chose to exercise or just cool off, the Davinci will provide you with many hours of enjoyment. Upmarket and aesthetically pleasing this magnificent swimming pool range will deliver in every aspect, enhancing and entertaining your friends and family for endless hours of pleasure.

The Nirvana is a great choice for anyone seeking a small compact plunge pool for their outdoor living space. Available in four different lengths, 4.5m, 5.5m, 6.5m and 7.5m, the Nirvana is 3.0m wide and has a constant depth of 1.7m, which makes it perfect for jumping into on a hot summers day. The Nirvana has a bench seat along the side of the pool and at each end with steps built in the centre. Plunge pools are ideal for cooling off during the sweltering summer months. You can spend time soaking up the sun or just sink into the cool water of your Nirvana fibreglass pool and relax. Upmarket and fun, the Nirvana swimming pool range is an ideal choice for those seeking a small and perfectly designed plunge pool to enhance their outdoor living space.

Small enough to cool you off, yet large enough to entertain guests. Don't settle for anything less when you can enjoy this top quality design. Nothing but the best.

The Avanti is a perfect choice for any compact backyard or patio area when outdoor living space is at an absolute minimum, but you still want the luxury of an attractive and functional fibreglass pool to take the edge off the sultry summer days. Always a popular choice combining form and function, the Avanti pool is one of our smaller, yet impressively designed, range of swimming pools. This 3.0m wide fibreglass pool comes in four different lengths to suit even the most compact of backyards. 5.5m, 6.5m, 7.5m and 8.5m. Perfect for entertaining guests, or just you and a friend.

The Avanti fibreglass pool is designed with steps located at the shallow end of the pool and bench seating at both ends. Nothing beats the refreshing feel of relaxing in a cool pool on a hot day. Make the most of your backyard and install a luxurious Avanti fibreglass pool. Compact enough to slot into the smallest of backyards, yet large enough to provide plenty of space for relaxing. The Avanti is both attractive and functional, certainly more than capable of living up to your every expectation.

The Entertainer is the swimming pool of choice for those who love to entertain. Jump in, chill out, relax and enjoy the delights of the Entertainer swimming pool range in the company of friends. Available in four sizes, the 6.0m and 7.0m pools are 3.5m wide and the 8.0m and 9.0m are 4.0m wide. Designed for entertaining in style, the Entertainer fibreglass pool comes with benches at each end of the pool and feature entry steps down each side of the shallow end to provide easy access to the water. The dimensions of the Entertainer range means that we are sure to have it covered when it comes time to party.

Big party or small, the Entertainer has a size to fit. Instead of sitting around wilting in the heat of the midday sun, encourage your friends to jump in and enjoy the cool refreshing water of your Entertainer pool. Adding an Entertainer fibreglass pool to your backyard is likely to take pool parties to a whole new level.

The Serenity is ideal for those lazy days of summer when the only thing you feel like doing is soaking in a pool, all day long. The Serenity swimming pool range are roomy enough for friends to join you and is long enough to allow you to swim a few lengths if you are hit with a sudden burst of energy, although we would not blame you if all you felt like doing was relaxing, as this is what Serenity fibreglass pools are designed for. The Serenity range comes in four different sizes to cater for all families. The 6.5m and 7.5m lengths are 3.8m wide and the 8.5m and 9.5m lengths are 4.2m wide.

The pool design features two benches along one side of the pool and steps in the corner of the shallow end. So whether you want to chill out and enjoy some relaxation or keep fit, the Serenity range of fibreglass pools can cater for every need. From family fun to the fitness conscious with a need to exercise. Install a Serenity fibreglass pool in your home and look forward to endless days of relaxation and happiness.

The Heritage is a formal side entry fibreglass pool for any backyard, no matter how limited the space might be. It is great for outdoor family fun or adult chill out time. Suitable for all requirements and available in four sizes. The 7.0m and 8.0m lengths are 4.0m wide and the 9.0m and 10.0m lengths are 4.2m wide. The Heritage fibreglass pool range features a long bench down the side of the pool and steps situated in the centre. This innovative design of fibreglass pool gives you the maximum amount of room for swimming laps if you want to keep fit, but also provides easy access for all members of the family to hop in and out of the pool on a hot sunny day.

Whether you are looking for a side entry swimming pool design for the kids to play in or a place to entertain guests, make sure you choose one of our Heritage swimming pool range to enhance your outdoor living space and take summer fun to a whole new level of enjoyment

The Classic is our top of the range swimming pool for those who are looking for a touch of class in their backyard. It is the Rolls Royce of fibreglass pools, so if you want nothing but the best in your outdoor living space, the superb quality of the Classic swimming pool range will tick every box on your list. Fibreglass pools are a popular choice for any backyard as they are easy to install, maintain and clean. The Classic swimming pool range comes in four different sizes. 7.5m and 8.5m lengths with a width of 3.8m and 9.5m and 10.5m lengths with a width of 4.2m.

This fibreglass pool comes equipped with a generous bench seat at the deep end and extra wide entry steps for easy access at the shallow end. Perfect for a hot summer day, or enjoy an early morning dip and clock up a few relaxing lengths of the pool before breakfast. Relax in the afternoon and in the company of friends. No matter which option you choose, the Classic is the perfect compliment to your outdoor living space.

Our fibreglass pools are available in a range of beautiful shimmer colours to give the entire interior of the pool an exceptional colour experience.

Light Charcoal

Dark Blue

Dark Turquoise

Dark Sand

Light Blue

Dark Charcoal

Light Sand

Light Turquoise

At Sun City Pools we are dedicated to providing premium workmanship throughout each step of your swimming pool construction.

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